I don't really know how to seal my hair.

Do you have any special oil recs for sealing? Are some leave-ins better than others for layering with oils?

I use oils on my hair overnight about twice a month, but, so far, I haven't used one for day wear. I use them before I cleanse my hair, because some of them make the ends of my hair feel matted. I've used pure jojoba oil, EVOO, Jessicurl Oil Blend, Moroccanoil, Fructis Moroccan Oil, One & Only Argan Oil, Lanolin-Cholestrol hot oil treatments, Rosewater & Glycerin (disaster), etc. but none of them seem like something I could style with because they make my hair so clumpy.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong? A lot of the problem may be that I haven't had the right combination of leave-in, and/or styling product, and oil.

On completely clean hair, the pure jojoba oils seems to work best for allowing my curls to form naturally, but it doesn't provide definition or hold. Plus, it seems like I have to use an awful lot to feel like its adding moisture to my hair. All the argan oil products I've used are loaded with the kinds of silicones my hair doesn't seem to tolerate well at all (dimethicone, cyclomethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, etc. For some reason, my hair seems to like amodimethicone...).

Today, those two sections of my hair were so darn tangled I had to pull my hair apart even when it was soaked with KCKT!
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