i don't know much about sealing, but i will tell you what i know.

sealing does not add moisture to your hair, it just helps lock it in so the moisture won't evaporate in the dry air. it will not define your curls, or give hold.

moisture is the most important thing for curly hair, so keeping it in is an important thing. my hair does not seem to like straight oils (although i have never used jojoba and would if i could just buy a sample size). what i do use is emollient butter/products. the one i have been using mostly is jane carter nourish and shine.

i use either a daily conditioner or deep conditioner as leave in or a leave in styling conditioner, ie, cj honey butta. then i blot my hair with a curl friendly towel, then spread a pea size amount of the jc n&s on my hands and fill my head over and scrunch my hair. flip my head up and do the same again. that has been working for me. some people seal on dry hair as they SOTC. i tried that and this seems to be better for my hair.

everyone's hair is different, so you have to find what works best for yours. if you go onto the 4 boards you will most likely find a lot more info about sealing.
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