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When I do a wash, at first I put my cowash all around my scalp, as though it was lotion I was rubbing on skin. However, I don't "rub it in" like a lotion. I use my fingertips only to massage it around my scalp. The only hair that's affected is the hair right at the roots where it's growing out of the skin. I never "pile" my hair on my head, so only about 1/2 inch is touched by the "massage". If I rub too hard my hair starts curling around itself and knotting up. I have to be careful not to get my fingers caught in any knots, otherwise I can accidentally rip my hair, so I can't be too vigorous in "scrubbing".

I don't actually "scrub", as if I were cleaning a sink or something. Sure, you want to stimulate your scalp, but you don't want to injure your skin or damage your hair follicles. After I massage the cowash around my scalp, I rake it through the rest of my hair, or comb it through with my big old Ouidad comb, and then I leave it in for a few minutes.

Most of the time I do not rub for 3 minutes...it's usually about 1.5 - 2 minutes. If my scalp is in an "itchy" state, I may rub up to 3 minutes when I use a cowash that contains menthol, because I love the soothing feeling. I wash my hair in a bathtub, so I immerse it to rinse it. I find that products, including hair colorings, come out of my hair faster and more thoroughly when immersed in water, than when running water through it. It feels much more gentle as well.

I always leave conditioner in my hair. I either use a separate "leave-in conditioner" or, most of the time, after rinsing, I add a couple globs of my cowash as a leave-in conditioner.

If I'd have to scrub so hard it felt like I was hurting my hair, or damaging hair follices, I'd use a cleanser with Cocamidopropyl Betaine, or a low-poo, rather than scrub like that! I use a clarifying shampoo (sulfate free) once a month, or once every two months, depending on how my hair feels. I've found that cowashes with cetyl alcohol, aloe, and menthol seem to cleanse my scalp and hair the best, (I'm not sure if the menthol has any cleansing properties but it feels so good!), but everybody's hair is different. I think it's very common that the longer you cowash, the less oily your scalp gets, so you shouldn't have to scrub very hard for long.

I have really dry hair, also, that's very prone to breakage, so I may not be giving you good advice for your own scalp.
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