So is explaining to your daughter that not all elders deserve to be respected at all times completely out of the question? Because I'd be tempted to tell her to fight her aunt when it comes to getting her hair pressed.
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That might be too much to handle at 8. She would have to be a defiant child to begin with.

I would tell the ugly s-i-l and the ex husband to use your products and not to press her hair OR she won't be allowed to go to aunties house.

I know you can't control what they do on his weekends but if you repeat it they might actually respect mom for once. Keep saying it.

I cringe when A goes to dad and uses shampoo. It makes his hair brittle. I let it go bc he is a boy and I use kinky curly at home. He has stepbrothers so I don't want them to make fun of him carrying a bottle that is pink! I do tell him to use conditioner but god knows what conditioner they have. Actually, I know his dad always uses that conditioner-shampoo in one which is horrible, so I feel your pain.

Pressing her hair when I don't want it, would make me speak up.

Telling the child to speak up works with my stepdaughter. I don't know that her mom is asking her to say so but nobody is blowdrying that hair on her! " It gives me split ends" LOL. It's funny bc she is so serious about it.

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