Hi, just joined this site! Well I have been straightening my hair daily for the past like 3 years. But im tired of it taking so long that ive decided to embrace the curls! From what i've read on this site, I think i have somewhere between 2c and 3a hair. My hairs on the thinner side, very curly underneath and a little less on the top layer. My main problem is how to dry the curls. I've found recently that my hair turns out better when I blow dry with a diffuser but it takes way too long! When I airdry the bottom layer gets nice and curly but the top gets flat to my head...what's the best way to maximize the curls on my top layer and make them look as nice as the underneath layer? Also, any just general tips you have would be great! Thanks so much in advance!
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Your hair might be heat damaged.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.