Muffin, I'm glad to hear you won't be using those scarves

I used to have a super-short cut too (also mohawks, blohawks and all kinds of styles, colors and assorted craziness). But looking back, I think I liked my super-short more than any other style. So liberating! It's so great that you're being supported. Bet you'll have fun shopping for earrings Your new style will accentuate your facial features too. I'm sitting here feeling a little envious of you because (I assume) you'll have a fairly easy time caring for your hair. Some days I crave short hair again.

Have you considered, or are you already, writing for a living?
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Yes, it is much easier to care for my hair now that it's short. I'll definitely miss that as it grows longer. I've bought a couple of pairs of cute earrings since I chopped. They really help dress up a short 'do. It's funny that you crave short hair at times because my hair wants to be your hair's length right now , lol. I love my cut and I think it's cute and fun, but I'm a long-haired girl at heart. Guess the grass is always greener on the other side,
Your hair is gorgeous, btw. It's so dark and beautifully curly

I used to want to write for a living, but I never really knew how to go about it. I could never find a niche in the various writing fields out there that I felt I could excel at or that there was a demand for. I just write for fun. I mostly like creative writing, blogging, and writing informative articles on topics I'm interested in.
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