Yes, it is much easier to care for my hair now that it's short. I'll definitely miss that as it grows longer.
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What's cool is that it's like you just hit a "reset" button by cutting it, so that you're starting with a "fresh batch" of healthy hair that you can offer TLC so that it grows out really healthy and beautiful! Or, did you already have healthy hair before you cut it? In my case I've abused my hair at times so it's definitely not my personal best right now and I suspect one fine day I'm going to follow in your short-haired footsteps and go really short

I've bought a couple of pairs of cute earrings since I chopped. They really help dress up a short 'do.

It's funny that you crave short hair at times because my hair wants to be your hair's length right now , lol. I love my cut and I think it's cute and fun, but I'm a long-haired girl at heart. Guess the grass is always greener on the other side,
Yes to the grass being greener. I actually cut my hair about three weeks ago so that the longest part is now just below my shoulders. It felt good to cut it.

Your hair is gorgeous, btw. It's so dark and beautifully curly
That's so sweet of you I feel the same way about your hair. I hope you'll post pics as it grows out

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Well it's great that you've found such a powerful creative outlet. Hope you and your hair have a lovely evening

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