So, as I understand it, a low-poo involves something like cocoa betaine, which is easier on the hair that SLS, ALS, etc.

A clarifying shampoo may or may not contain a standard SLS/ALS sulfate (although I thought that was what was meant); however, I see people defining a clarifying shampoo as ones with cocoa betaine and/or something else entirely. Maybe the something else entirely constitutes a no-poo?

Basically, I'm just confused by all the terminology. Am trying to be as CG as possible, but am finding that I may need to use a sulfate-containing (?clarifying) shampoo from time to time to remove/reduce various types of buildup (mineral deposits from hard water, oils and styling products that get slimy when wet and dull my hair when dry after a few weeks, etc.). I know it's all about finding what works for you personally, whether that is straight-up, pure CG or a modification that suits just confused about the terms used to differentiate shampoos.
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