I've spent 2 hrs trolling the board & I'm now more confused than before. LOL
too many acronyms.
I need help & product suggestions, please, things that could be bought cheaply at Sally's/drug store/Walmart.
I have fine hair (have been told baby fine) but lots of it.
I'm pretty sure I have low porosity. It takes HOURS for my hair to air dry & takes about 8hrs for the roots to dry.
I'm pretty sure I have 2C curls (but they've changed to 2A with whatever is causing my issues) 3-4 yrs ago with a diffuser & time(& cones & sulfates) I could get 3A curls.
Almost 4 months ago I started with no sulfates & was using ACV & a baking soda rinse, but it was getting too oily, tried to co-wash with Suave tropical coconut but my hair was getting flatter & flatter. I figured since my hair is so fine I need to actually shampoo with something. Went to Sally's & was told that since my hair is so fine I could probably use proteins to help strengthen my curls (& I kind of thought that too)
Simply U moisturizing & smoothing shampoo & Zotos pure elements color protect conditioner was used about 2x's a week. Styled with Grohealthy Nothing but Curly Pudding (ingredient list had a sticker over it I now now it has dimethicone in it, even though Sally's person said it didn't). After 2 wks this made my hair very heavy feeling & I needed to wash out dimethicone.
Washed with a normal shampoo (suave something) & started over.
Simply U moisturizing & smoothing shampoo & volumizing conditioner was next, but my ends & the nape of my neck were still really tangled. So I was thinking I was really protein sensitive.
Switched to Trader Joes Refresh followed by the Simply U volumizing conditioner about 5 wks ago & loved it. using a homemade flaxseed gel.
Got body back in my hair & my curls were getting tighter.
But my ends & the back of my head still get super tangled.
So I was thinking I needed more moisture & wanted natural & cheap. Bought FOTE Aloe vera gel, I was using it before plopping & after the FSG on shower days & tried adding it to my spray bottle to refresh my second day hair.
I can't even get my underneath layers untangled & they are ...poofy for lack of a better word. Plus the whole back of my head is a mess. I now have 2A hair. And I don't know how to fix it.
We have a wedding coming up & a big anniversary weekend
So any suggestions on a moisturizing conditioner that isn't too heavy.
I also need a good gel recommendation, I was using herbal essences mousse, but the hold didn't last.
And is there any miracle cure out there to try & have pretty hair tonite (besides cutting out the birds nest?)
...sorry so long