What kind of gel do you use? Does it contain any silicones? I've never had that feeling of gunky gel dripping down my hair when I wet it, but I cowash every 2 or 3 days and I do rinse my hair completely every day, so maybe that helps. Second day hair is impossible for me.
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I've been experimenting with different drugstore gels, all of them silicone-free and CG - L.A. Looks Nutra Curl, L'Oreal Studio Line Clean Gel, and L'Oreal Studio Line Melting Gel.

I think the main culprit may be the Melting Gel. I love it to pieces and have been using it for many years (I'm talking late 90s, when it was marketed specifically for waves and came in a wavy white container). It's very gloppy and watery compared to the other gels, a lot less sticky and with a light hold. It's really easy to overdo it because so much comes out of the tube at once and it spreads so easily/quickly through my hair. I like that I have no crunch or weigh-down, but it turns into gel soup in the shower.
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Oh weird! "Melting" gel just sounds scary!
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