Yes, it is much easier to care for my hair now that it's short. I'll definitely miss that as it grows longer.
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What's cool is that it's like you just hit a "reset" button by cutting it, so that you're starting with a "fresh batch" of healthy hair that you can offer TLC so that it grows out really healthy and beautiful! Or, did you already have healthy hair before you cut it? In my case I've abused my hair at times so it's definitely not my personal best right now and I suspect one fine day I'm going to follow in your short-haired footsteps and go really short
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I had what I considered to be healthy relaxed hair. I took very good care of it, and even though it looked healthy it wouldn't budge past the top of BSL, no matter what I did. Eventually I became disenchanted with it and had it cut into an assymetrical bob. Although I went super short I still continued to relax for around a year after this, but it just wasn't the same. I didn't look forward to it and it seemed like I only relaxed out of routine. Then April of this year I I woke up and figured out I didn't want to relax my hair anymore, or even wear my hair straight, for that matter! I wanted a change. So I started doing a lot of curl sets, and people loved it, including myself. But after a few months of that I grew tired of fussing with my hair, and that brings us to how my hair is today .

I think you're long hair is beautiful, but I'm sure it will look equally as good with short hair. What matters most is that you're wearing your hair the way YOU like it. I had the whole world against me when I told people I wanted to chop. I listened to them for a while, but I was miserable. When I cut my hair I felt so free, even though it was a bit scary anticipating what others may say. Turns out most of those people who told me not to cut my hair loved my cut once they saw it. If you feel good about it, it will show. If you decide to cut your hair, I'd love to see pics
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