I figured it would be graphic once I clicked the link. But it seemed gratuitous w/o an explanation. Like posted for shock value.

People have posted about babies getting microwaved and al sorts of other things...just bc they seemed "interesting."

And to me, when it comes to children, I think the bar should be set a little higher than "it's interesting" when deciding whether to start a thread on a senseless murder, etc.

I just don't understand the point and frankly now my morning is ruined. Not trying to bash...just expressing frustration.
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OK...but you didn't have to keep reading. I mean, if you know this sort of thing will ruin your morning then...

Not arguing, Spidey, just saying...
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I continued reading, hoping to see the relevence or the lesson or the take away or point of it. Not just to be "titillated" w/ something so horrible.