It works for me as a DT and sometimes as a leave-in. I usually use a much lighter conditioner, but when my hair starts getting 'big' near when I need but don't have time for a DT, it's great. I used to use it daily when I first started CG, which helped me get a lot of moisture, but it also weighed down my hair a ton.

I solved the impossible bottle-wranging problem though! I wanted to save the rest of the bottle I had at home to take with me to college so I washed out the empty tub from some KCCC I had just finished, cut off the top half of the GVPCB bottle, and scooped the conditioner into the tub. It's worked really well so far!

3Aish; mid-back when curly, waist length when straight
Shampoo - Shea Moisture
Co-wash - Alberto V05
RO/LI - TNNM, L'Oreal EverSleek
Styler: Left em all at school :"(
Gel: GF Pure Clean, LALSG