This past week my hair’s been feeling kind of “plasticky”. When it dries and I SOTC, the wet look doesn’t seem to go away completely. It no longer feels crunchy, but some hairs still feel plasticky and just a bit oily and almost weighed down.
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As soon as I read that I thought "oh, KCCC" - this has done it to me sometimes too. I'm also in the 2s/starting to go 3 now I have some length again. I'm fine haired. I've found that I have to shampoo (low poo or no poo) regularly and that sometimes LI is not my friend. (I will also co wash without a RO sometimes, but I've found my hair gets weighted down very easily)

This is what I've been doing with the KCCC (as it gives me great curl definition/activation) - out of shower, tshirt just touching my hair to get the drippiness out - then KCCC over canopy, then some scrunched through (use a little bit).

Then a modified super soaker (very modified: I run my hands under the water and scrunch water through my hair to make it drippy) - then scrunch with a tshirt. I wait a little bit, (I am doing other post-shower things like toner, moisturizer, lotion, etc) - then add Foxy Curls Mousse (I've been hit or miss with mousses in the past and usually swear by gel, but try this stuff!!) - then I (breaking all the rules here) - blow my hair dry a little bit (no diffuser), I lightly cup my hair (almost a scrunch, not quite) to get the extra moisture out so my curls can start to form w/o the water weight. (I"ve tried to do this with a tshirt and just not the same effect, don't know why)

Then... I do more post shower stuff,make up, etc then diffuse. This seems to help my curls last all day, and gets rid of the plasticky feeling and the "wait why does my hair look wet" issues I sometimes get with KCCC.
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