So, I have had Pattern Pusha for about 6 months now. I have tried it in a million combinations with no luck until now. I know most people would of given up by now but with so many people saying how much they loved it I figured it must of been me not the product with the issue.

I even emailed Marsha about it and she had some suggestions but those didn't work for me either. I looked on here and found that someone had good results with Deva Angel over it. So that's what I tried, with a LI underneath.

Curl Junkie Coco Curl Creme Light
Pattern Pusha
Deva Angel

I was so over the Deva products but with this mix the Angel is back on. I actually used just a nickel amount of the CCCL on damp hair, then I smoothed in a little PP on top paying attention to the crown. Next I did the super soaker method and scrunched in handfuls of water. Now a quarter amount of the PP and the a quarter amount of Angel on top and continued to scrunch. Did a little dabbing with a T-shirt and then plopped with the T-shirt. Waited about 10 - 15 minutes and took out the plop and pinned to air dry. Sounds like a lot of steps but not bad at all. I am lazy so I always air dry instead of diffusing.

I do have fine hair and this doesn't weigh it down but with thicker coarse hair it would probably work with more product.

I am just glad now I can say I'm a fan of the PP after all these months.
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