I figured it would be graphic once I clicked the link. But it seemed gratuitous w/o an explanation. Like posted for shock value.

People have posted about babies getting microwaved and al sorts of other things...just bc they seemed "interesting."

And to me, when it comes to children, I think the bar should be set a little higher than "it's interesting" when deciding whether to start a thread on a senseless murder, etc.

I just don't understand the point and frankly now my morning is ruined. Not trying to bash...just expressing frustration.
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When I originally posted the link I did post a comment "God help her parents" was all I said. My title said "why does the media have to say body found not intact" The whole thread was supposed to be about the media and their graphic words they use to grab attention. I was saying this isn't fair to the family and loved ones of the dead girl!

So carry on and talk about cats and iphones. But don't accuse me of posting for "shock value".