Straight Bangs with Curly Hair???-imageuploadedbytapatalk1350087438.883758.jpg
I wear straight bangs with curly hair all the time and get non stop compliments all day long. As you see in the above pic, I'm diligent in integrating the two very carefully. My bangs are kept very heavy, and I keep some texture in them rather than making them totally smooth and straight so they blend seamlessly. They are also longer on the outside edges which I don't straighten but do clip down while they dry to weigh down the curl.
To me this look can be extremely flattering if done correctly, but 99% of the time it's just done poorly and it looks like mega awful 80's badness. BLAH!

Location: Colorado
Avg. dew point: crazy low
3a/3b mix/medium porosity/medium density/coarse-ish texture with permanent color
*currently growing out a super short pixie*

2x weekly wash: Quidad Curl Quench
2x weekly condish: Quidad Curl Quench
DT: Quidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment
Style: Quidad Hydrafusion Curl Cream
2nd/3rd day refresh: Quidad Botanical Boost spray
Best trick ever: Flour sack towel for scrunching after product application.