Goddess- I'm sorry bday guy fell through the cracks!! I really had high hopes for him..And now that you mention the not dating older women bit, I wholeheartedly agree he kind of wants someone he can dominate and sort of boss around...and I don't like that. That explains his comment about you driving out to see him...take a seat please! Ugh. Who is the person your friend has for you??

I've been getting closer to Steve..we talk everyday...I really like him, but the distance is just weird..I don't know when he'll be back to Texas, and I'm uncomfortable with the fact that there's no talk of his visiting. I know we're in very early stages, but I'm worried about getting close enough to him to where the distance will become a big factor.

Mechanic called me about an hour ago. I hadn't text him in over a week because I was just done being put off all the time. He called tonight to apologize, and leave the ball in my court saying he'd love another chance, and for us to start over, and for him to "have the chance to tell me I'm beautiful to my face". He came to the conclusion that he needs to cut back on his work hours so he can enjoy life again, and that his friends called him out for being "a downer" this past week and that they noticed how happy he was when he and I were talking. I gave him a really hard time about his behavior, and let him know I was really hurt by his actions, and that if he treated me like that again he's off the list for good. Not sure how it'll pan out, but I do believe he's a good guy. I think he's gotten so used to not being in a relationship that he lost sight of how things work. IDK, we'll see.
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