I used to use curly sexy hair, John freida secret weapon, and bumble and bumble. I've also tried MD lemon yogurt smoothie with a similar result post cg. It seems like my hair doesn't love moisturizing products. My hair analysis came back with medium porosity,but I'm wondering if I'm really low porosity after these results.
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Why do you think this means you're low porosity?? I'm low porosity. When I first discovered the MD products, I used one 5 or 6 times a week for styling with no coated feeling. I use any of the richer products in minute amounts (my hair density has diminished with age, thyroid and a medication I take.)

Next thought--are you using too much product?? It can take my hair hours to absorb product after it dries. It keeps getting better through out the day.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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