I love Brazilian music of the 60s and early 70s. It was brilliant. Most Brazilian music these days seems rubbish to me. Hate the intellectual wasteland that is Brazilian television. It may very well be, of course, that our soap operas are the best in the world...but they're still soaps.

Too much emphasis on looks, perhaps, but, on the other hand, you'll see women of all shapes and sizes, with celulite, even their 60s, wearing bikinis! I think it's great they feel comfortable in their own skin. Downside: finding a bikini I feel covered in.

Love that people are open to different cultures and are friendly. Sometimes, though, if you are overly friendly with someone you just met, it can seem contrived to me. I think I have a "European" temperament (to a Brazilian, that means "cold"). It doesn't mean I'm indifferent or antisocial, but I need to feel comfortable around someone before I open up.

Racism is more covered up here, for sure, to the point that some like to pretend it doesn't exist. But it does.

Hate that corrupt politicians keep getting reelected. Love that many of them are finally getting the sentences they deserve thanks to our Supreme Court!

Hate that there is so much inefficiency, procrastination and burocracy in the public sphere. And the low quality of services in the private sector. Also, if you ask for a any kind of handyman to come over to do a job, they never arrive at the time you settled. Sometimes they show up 2 or 3 days later and then are upset if you weren't at home to open the door for them.

I really, really hate how the cost of living is so expensive. Even the most trivial imported good becomes a luxury item. If you ever encounter Brazilian tourists in the US, they are probably there to go on a shopping spree/frenzy more than to look at the sites.