A couple of months ago, I went back to shampooing and low pooing, much less cowashing (maybe only once every couple of weeks, the other days I shampoo). This has helped my curls so much.
My curl pattern was much looser when following CG than I was used to, the shampooing has helped. I went back to products that used to work (using TIGI hi def curls shampoo and conditioner, sulfate free but have cones I think).

What has changed is I am much more aware of my hair, if it needs some protein or some moisture, I also use mainly CG products now.

At first I felt like I'd somehow failed at CG (stupid I realize) but my hair is looking better and better so I got over it.

I'm not opposed to going back to more CG type stuff as the winter approaches and my hair gets longer (length always affects my curl pattern- I get more curly with length), but for now this is working.

Do what makes your hair happy.

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