how often does everyone change colour?
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i try to go a week and if i can't do both my toes and my finger nails i'll push it to 2 weeks even if the polish is wearing. reason being, my big to has a not cute blood clot (i think my nails were too long in my cycle shoes cause they hurt a few times then blood clot appeared) so i have to wear dark polish to cover that up and i can't go bare on my toenails. on my fingernails, i don't like not having them polished because i still have a bit of peeling (not cute) and i feel they are more susceptible to breaking left unpolished. luckily my quick dry polishes allow me to polish before bed with no problems with drying and not smudging. obviously since i do my nails myself i have to do toes and fingernails around the same time because of removal and all.

today is nail day. pics coming!!
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