To be clear, I don't think CIBC did anything racist and should not worry about that.

However, I completely disagree with the contention put forward by several people on this thread that people complain about racism just to complain, or get a free meal or whatever (sounds like a free meal wasn't the issue, since it seems they didn't eat the food and left it for the other servers, nor did the man order food.)

I think they genuinely perceive racism, even if others can say objectively there is none, because they have experienced so much of it in other areas of their life and so they come to expect that whenever they feel slighted, it is racial, because it often has been in the past. Racism in restaurants and similar places is still very common.
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Thank you. I was biting my tongue because I'm not saying CIBC was at fault at all, but stories like these make me think of how many times people have endured racist service.

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