I'm learning I'm a modified CG. I'm using the general rules and applying what works for me.

If I don't shampoo, use a lot of heavy conditioners, a lot of product, and go totally silicone free it just weighs my hair down, looks greasy, makes my thick hair very heavy and matted.

But if I shampoo (heavily watered down and only once maybe twice a week) use just a rich conditioner (cone free), then mousse (Suave - one cone (I think??)), and follow a plopping method, diffuse (moderate heat), and some finger styling...I can come out with nice curly waves and very little frizz.

I have huge issues with itchy scalp if I don't poo but IMO the once a week wash is a nice compromise I also do ACV about once a week to remove any build up and help my scalp.

I'm just happy for anyone who can find a routine that works for them