I drove for the first time today since crashing last March. It went surprisingly well, for not having driven in so long, and my sister's car is a lot easier for me to drive. I won't be able to drive myself once I get my license (hopefully in a month or so) since we're down to one car, but this will make weekends and after school so much easier. I'm hoping to get it by the time the play starts, because I'm house manager for it, which means I'm only there for an hour and a half or so and inconvenient does not even begin to describe how it would be for my dad.
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"We’ll not live like this. They will try to bury us with false manifestos, inscribe us in wars against false enemies but we’ll sing songs about dying from loving the wrong cowboy and gospel; our bodies will burn in effigies of promise. I swear."

-Ibi Kaslik