People WILL complain about anything to get free stuff. OMG.

at work me and this girl had two little girls to make over, and we had a great time, the moms were laughing the kids were bouncing off the walls happy. High fives around. Mom came back because she didn't like something. We immediately fixed it, told her we're sorry, don't worry about it blah blah smiles smiles smiles (i have teeth problems from SMILING so much at work)

3 hours later, she accuses the girl I work with (poc) of stealing her daughter's headband...and no one can find the headband that was supposedly stolen. Daughter's favorite headband. Manager gets mad at us because she told them apparently we were rude people, didn't smile, didn't talk to them? WTF/!??! Find the head band the next day, it's like something from the dollar tree. I can't even with people. They be on complete b.s. I want to say that lady was racist because I have an attitude? Of course I do, I'm black.

I can name a billion stories where people complain over something to get free stuff. It's so easy to get free stuff if you complain. So why not.

Some people do have horrible experience in places. if So, I don't complain, I just put extreme kindness on that person. I only tell management if the person does a really well job because not enough positive feedback is given in places. I had a waitress complete crap talk me and someone because she thought we weren't going to tip because we didn't write the amount on the receipt (we were going to use cash). I almost didn't want to tip her at all BECAUSE I'M NOT HARD OF HEARING DUMMY I'M 15 FT AWAY, but I tipped her more than enough because I was pissed.

Anyway your post made me realize I hate people. So I just hate people and thats the end of that.