I hate to admit but I have been watching the show. So far I found they are just a distraction for the other couples to create drama. I was glad the therapist lady called her out on her ridiculous look. Maybe it finally sunk in.
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I haven't seen the show (we can't get it here), but I have XM and listen to Dr.Jenn on the radio and really like her.

She was talking about the show and that she was dead set against them being on it. She felt that she was exploiting a child. The producers convinced her to meet with them, and she made it clear that she may kick them off at some point.

She said once she got to know them, she really felt they were a couple in love. He has given up everything (friends, family, career) for her, and she was very mature for her age. By the time filming was done, she really respected them and thought they had a pretty good chance of making it.

I hope I can find it at some point to watch!
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