I need some unique advice as I have a problem that I've researched for weeks and have found no solution to.

Most advice will say "don't use heat products," etc..

Well, I haven't used heat products in *years* until recently (to straighten my hair) but even then my hair has never been the same since 3 years ago when I cut it into a bob/pixie cut... It grew out very differently, brittle, coarse and unlike hair...

Can anyone explain what happened?

To go into detail:

I have (or rather, had) 2b/2c type hair. Wavy, bouncy, shiny, etc... but after having it chopped (and regretting it as I missed my long tresses in the winter) I decided to grow it out again...

I never went to a salon for 3 years (until recently) the hair dresser didn't say anything except "use olive oil sometimes.." something I've already tried along with countless masks, products, etc..

My hair has no bounce, it's stiff, brittle, coarse, has a ton of split ends ... honestly, it doesn't even feel like hair anymore.. but straw.. and sometimes cloth... it's devastating, compared to what I was used to.

So the advice to use "oils, masks, AVOID heat products," etc.. simply don't work. If anything the masks/oils just remind me of how straw-like my hair is as it feels worse with the products on it..

Am I supposed to chop my hair off completely and start over? Or is there a way to just remove the split ends and spare my hair whilst trying vitamins, etc..

I'm wondering if ANYONE can relate to the experience or at least has some advice.

P.S Not going to the salon sounds ridiculous, I know.. But I was used to hair naturally being itself with/without a salon... I don't understand what happened. =/

If you read this post, thanks for taking the time to look through it and give your 2 cents. <3


I think this has been double posted... Pardon! heh

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