I got plenty!

1. cornflour + plain yoghurt (could add honey too). apply and leave till it semi dries. and rinse off massaging the skin, or else the corn flour will scrape your skin. This combination moisturises your skin.

Ok and just a general tip that i use daily. I have sensitive and dry skin. and the way I maintain it healthy is by washing my face only with wheat flour! it acts like a gentle exfoliater and cleanses skin,at the same time providing all the nutrients. I've noticed that if I use any other scrubs I tend to get blackheads, especially on my nose, but with wheat flour no blackheads at all! So now I use wheatflour daily for face and neck (although it can be a bit hard to take off, but with practice you'll get the hang of it) and scrub one a week. Keeps my face hydrated and glowing.

Oh and just moisturise as normal after I hope I made sense, have a tendency to babble on :P