I thought it meant low porosity because the product wasn't penetrating and just sitting on top. Maybe I am using too much product. I've been using like a quarter sized dollop of ccccl on each side of my head for my longer than shoulder length hair. Less of course for the MD.

I have really good results with Kccc, ufdcm, and ckcj. Yay for curl mart carrying ck products!
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If it's one product that isn't penetrating, it's not the low porosity--it's an ingredient. If it's all products that take a LONG time to absorb, it's low porosity.

The products you that are giving you good results are jelly products that don't contain chemicals. For me, they don't absorb in the same manner as a curl cream, they form a "cast" that provides hold and moisture.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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