Any news on the cop yet?? I think you'd be good with a cop actually lol. IDK why, I think because of your personality ya'll would fit well. Does that sound weird? oh god. have you been to the doctor for your rude uterus yet?? And did you say you officially cut it off with bday guy??

Mechanic and I are back in the swing of things but he's different. In a good way. I can tell he knows he's still on thin ice, so he's making that effort. I honestly don't think he'll make that mistake again simply because he was so apologetic to begin with. But guys always find a way to prove you wrong so we'll see won't we?

I didn't hear from Steve all day yesterday because he had a bodybuilding competition that ran pretty much all day. I told him good luck in the morning and he thanked me, but that was about it which is fine. I'll probably keep things going with him until a real decision needs to be made...although I'm still not impressed with the distance part and the uncertainty of when or how we'll get to see each other...sigh. I'm tempted to cut it off now to save myself the heartache later when it becomes inevitable we break it off. It doesn't help the mechanic has always been my first choice either....
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