I was always pulling for mechanic anyway. I hope he wises up this time

And yeah....I'm not dating bday guy. He still texts....wants to be friends....still thinks something is gonna happen even though I was pretty up front with him.

No news on cop. I think she's looking thru her friends....and friends friends. I'm texting the great kisser again. The one I met on pof ages ago....when we finally went out he was like the best kisser in the world but had issue with my religion. He's been texting again, said he thought I was a card carrying, hexing, witch. When I said I wasn't....he relaxed. So who knows. I guess I'm just gonna chill for now ...at least with my surgery coming up.

And my cyst surgery and endometrial ablation are on the 26. I'll have some time off work to just relax and I'm gonna try not to worry abt men! Lol

Back on Cones,so now my routine is,wash with Deva No-Poo every other day or so. Occasionally use 365 sulfate free,maybe use low sulfate shampoo mixed with conditioner once every two weeks are longer. I condition with Aussie Moist or HEHH. I style with a little GF TN,and finish up with tons of GN Pure Clean Smoothing Cream. No frizz...slippy, happy hair.