I also don't know what's going on, but unfortunately, the only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. There are ways to prevent further spit ends, but once they have already happened, I don't know of a way to make them come back together again.

You might need a protein/moisturizing treatment like Curl Junkie Repair Me. I hesitate to recommend protein because that can also make your hair brittle if your hair doesn't need it or you use too much. When I use Repair Me which is not just protein - it is also mixed with moisturizer, I follow that with a deep treatment that doesn't have any protein in it - just as added moisturizing.

Protein followed by moisturizer always helps my hair regain bounce, silkiness and health. Oils do nothing for me.

I hope you find a solution. Please post back and let us know.

ETA: Also, just a thought - make sure you are eating healthy. If your hair isn't growing in healthy, are you getting enough protein and healthy oils in your diet?
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