Actually what you mentioned is pretty much what my grandma told me to do over the phone, except without the star anise and black pepper (she didn't tell me to add it but I did anyway). And I didn't have any verdura to top it off. She also told me to add a tiny bit of vinegar

Oh and I used canned beans because I don't remember how to make them. Plus, the moro is the only time I eat beans but only the black one for moro.
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I find recipes that don't even include onions! And when I've bought moro or eaten it in other people's homes, it's tomato paste and oregano and garlic, and the characteristic flavor of stale refrigerated sofrito, not to mention packets of sazón all up in there. I cannot! My dad's cousin on the perpetual no rice diet always breaks it for my mom's moro.

Black pepper freshly ground, by the way. Already ground black pepper is of the devil.

There's nothing to remember for beans. You just soak them overnight (though brining beans --- just adding salt to that soaking water--- makes the best beans) then cook them in fresh water until creamy and tender but not mushy. The beans are then ready to use for whatever you need them.

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