Hi! This is my first time posting on the forum and any help is appreciated! I have quite the predicament with my hair and any help at all is hugely appreciated! I know I'm not that good at describing this type of thing and I'm sorry if my way of writing is confusing or it if it's too long, but please help. I'm desparate for assistance and I need someone to help. All help is valued. Now about my hair. My hair, to put it fairly, looks pretty much like Napolean Dynamite when it is without product. It's big, kind of bushy, very curly and even a little red. I hate it. Here's three pictures of it.

1. Here's a picture.
2. Here's a picture.
3. Yet another picture

It's not as bad here because I recently got a hair cut, but when it is longer it is much much worse. I hate it. I have no idea how to manage my hair at all so I put a few creams in followed by gels hoping for the best. The products are: Garnier fructis style sleek and shine anti-humidity smoothing silk, garnier fructis style curl calm down anti-frizz cream, Garnier Fructis sleek and shine intensely smooth leave-in conditioning cream, Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Calming Creme and Bed Head Tigi Control Freak serum. I put very small amounts of each, totaling about the size of a quarter all together. After that, the gels which is Tea Tree firm hold gel and Spikers water-resistant styling glue. Like I said, I have no idea how to manage hair like mine so I just get what my hair stylist recommended and what sounds like what I need and use it.

What the products do when they're all used together make it look a lot better. Instead of a full on jewfro kind of look the height is reduced, the curls are turned into more like waves than curls (except near the ends) and my hair is even darker, so it looks way better. The problem is that this effect only lasts for 3 hours at the most until it "wears off" and goes back to a normal red ugly fluff ball. Here's some pictures of my hair with product in it right now when it is shorter, although these are sort of different than when my hair is longer with product in it. I know, I put a lot of picture, but I just want to be clear of how my hair is to get as much help as possible.

4. Picture
5. Another picture
6. Look at all these pictures
7. Example of my hair's wave
8. So many pictures
9.More pictures
10. I like the color
11. Yet another one
12. You get the point

When my hair was longer and I put product in I actually liked the way it looked a lot. I have no pictures of how it looked, but it looked a lot from Sherlock from the BBC show Sherlock. I'll post a few pictures from the show as examples.

13. Example
14. Another example
15. Last example

But, I had the same problem, it only lasted a few hours until going back to completely normal, and it looked worse because it was longer, so it was a full on jewfro instead of the first three pictures which wasn't nearly as bad.
Hopefully someone can try and help me out! If anyone has a similar type of hair or just knows how this type of hair works, tell me what to do. Ultimately, I just want the effect of the products in my hair to last the whole day, if not, even longer. I want it to look like pictures 4-15 all day instead of just going back to normal, like in pictures 1-3 after a few hours. Am I not using enough product? Am I using too much? Am I not using the right type? Should I comb my hair a certain way? Someone please help. If information on my hair helps, I know it has high porosity, it's dense, it naturally goes to the left a little bit, it's really dry, and if any other information about my hair is necessary to help feel free to ask. Again, thank you so much if you read this all and decided to help out. I know I'm not that good at describing this type of thing and I'm sorry if my way of writing is confusing or it if it's too long, but please help.