Well, mechanic has already messed it up. He was off work today, and text me a total of 3 times within 7 hours. He said he was cleaning. While I understand that, what made me angry was the fact he spent so much time trying to convince me he'd be making more time for me. you have no kids, and live with someone who is hardly home, what do you have to clean that prevents you from making normal conversation at a timely manner? I'm done with excuses. I had a feeling he'd show his true colors sooner rather than later. I sent him a text telling him I was not going for round 2 of his lack of interest, and that there are plenty of men out there who would take his place in a second. I told him I know what I deserve and it isn't what he's dishing out. I told him also that it's not my fault he's a workaholic and miserable because of it. I told him if he really wanted to make things work, he'd best pick up a phone like normal people do and informed him if he chooses not to respond at all, not to contact me a week from now when he's sorry again. He didn't respond and probably won't. That is my cue to cut it off. Too many excuses and we haven't even met!! He will continue to miserable because of the way he is but I won't allow him to drag me down too. Have a seat please!
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