I'm just having a really hard time understanding how it's more plausible that black patrons could be racist but not plausible that a white server could be racist. And not specifically referring to CIBC's situation, just generally. Reading all of these posts saying "people say anything for a free lunch" you would think that the general situation (i.e., experiencing racism in a restaurant) is all just fabricated bs. That's what bothers me. Someone even said, "I know US history says x, but y is the truth." I'm like.....oh, ok. LOL

No one cares about the proper definition of anything until it's on a topic that concerns them, that is clear. Perhaps you are underthinking, Speckla. Everything doesn't boil down to a Beatles song. To borrow a quote, the facts matter.

Racism is not always intended, overt, or done from a place of hate. I know, hard to believe, right. Lot's of racist people don't even "hate" the objects of their racism they just think they should stick with their own kind, not be uppity, not date their children, not go to school with their kids, "it's the way we've always done things," etc.

I have never known CIBC to be racist. However, it could be that this man took something she did (in action, said something, whatever) as evidence that she thought they were inferior. It may not have even been the taking the menu thing....that's just what she thinks triggered the reaction. One thing I noticed is she never described the family as black until the very end of the story. Sounds like it was a mega misunderstanding if anything.

If you post something on here, get ready for responses. Really, from anyone or everyone. You don't have the right to comment and have no one disagree with you. Sorry, you don't.

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