Just being totally honest, and meaning no harm to straight-haired people: I'd be devastated. I'm in love with curly hair. I'd do everything I could to get some curl into it, or I'd shave it off.

I've fallen deeply, deeply in love with curls and can't imagine how I ever could have wanted straight hair. Do any of you feel the way I do?
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I'm one of those people, Korkscrew. I went the buzzcut way for a few years from about 22-25 before growing it out but I'd cut it about every four weeks. Then at 33 I started wearing longer and wavy/curly having my stylist cut it about every 5-6 weeks. Lately, I'm taking it a step further and going about every three months to let the curls really develop. Couldn't imagine straight or buzzcut now. Like you, I have fallen in love with my curls but mine of course couldn't hold a torch to your incredibly lovely curls.