OMG. Saria. YOUR .GIFS. They are perfect for all occasions, even making me wish I hadn't talked myself out of making a blog post starting at 5 am which no, when I start at 2:30 am they take until 5 am because I have to pause and freak out about everything. I'm supposed to sleep sometime. I laughed out loud a bit when I saw your post! Even though it's 6:24 in the morning, which is a bad time to do anything out loud. Or, like, exist. My brain hurts. Nrgh.

Now it's 6:27. Oh no, the features of the world outside my window are getting defined! I love looking at the black trees standing out against the calm deep blue of the sky even when my head is hurting at me but - but no! The prettiness is merely a harbinger of Morning, my arch-nemesis! Ugh, brain, don't bring up Warren trying to pluralize "nemesis." That's unpleasant.

I think I could deal with you taking over the world.
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The sky is a lighter blue now and it has a pretty gradient but this means the sun is coming up which is not of the good. It's 6:36. This reduces to 1:06. Just sayin'.

I'm not surprised you like Katara, but it always warms my heart because in typical fashion, she gets a lot of fandom abuse. Shocker, the two brown leads in this universe get a lot of abuse.
Aang is mostly my least favorite character on this show (well, of the main characters), but he's still great and you reminded me of what a cute, fun, charming kid he is.

Glad you got a diagnosis and a good doctor!
Not Katara! Nobody pick on my Katara! She's caring and strong and don't take no guff from sexist brothers! Also, I was nowhere near as cool as her when I was twelve and I'd find it extremely hard to believe anyone who said they were. Katara's the best.

I'm happy that my gushing has reminded you of that new "hey this character is fun" feeling! I love that feeling.

The room just tilted a bit. Only in my brain, of course. 6:43. If what I typed to you makes no sense tomorrow, you know why.

And thank you, it's always nice when stuff you expected to be annoying and pointless actually ends up being helpful.

The yellows are coming, the yellows are coming! I shake my fist at you, Apollo! I defy you, morning star!!!

WS, its a must And I just read your blog! I have never watched the show, but I'm still enjoying it.
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Wow, thank you! I'm like reading that you actually find it entertaining on its own!

And I absolutely love eerie/haunting music! It's one of the reasons Halloween is my favorite holiday. I've also been listening to "Safe and Sound," sandwiched in between other eerie HG soundtrack songs:

"Kingdom Come" by the Civil Wars
The Civil Wars - Kingdom Come (Lyric Video) [From The Hunger Games] - YouTube

"Come Away to the Water" by Maroon 5 (feat. Rozzi Crane) - wow, it blows my mind that this is Maroon 5. If any of their other stuff was even the slightest bit like this, I would love them. I get such a beautiful sense of foreboding from this song.
Maroon 5 - Come Away To The Water (feat. Rozzi Crane) [Lyric Video] From The Hunger Games - YouTube

"Abraham's Daughter" by Arcade Fire - This one is badass! This video has it just a wee bit sped up, which makes it sound just a wee bit more frenetic beneath the controlled pace, which makes me like it better than the original which I can buy. Oops.
Arcade Fire- Abraham's Daughter (With Lyrics From The Hunger Games) - YouTube

I've also just been finding eerie-sounding music of all sorts and hitting replay forever.

Have you seen Hocus Pocus? (If you haven't, you must.) Sarah's brief siren song is derived from a stanza of an old poem and this Youtube person decided to sing the whole thing. I've always wished that song were longer.
Come Little Children (Lyrics) - YouTube

I can't tell if "Mordred's Lullaby" is just a Youtube poster's song or if it's official somewhere, but it sounds quite eerie and it has a sinister didgeridoo, which I can really get behind. The only problem is that it grates on my ears how the singer mispronounces "puppeteer."
Mordred's Lullaby- Lyrics - YouTube

This is Amy Lee's cover of "Sally's Song" from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Probably anything she's ever sung needs to go on this list, but this is the one I've recently had up on Youtube because I don't own it and actually just found it by clicking through the sidebar from one of the others.
Sally's Song - Amy lee [With Lyrics!] - YouTube

It's 7:03 why did I just decide it was super important to linkspam my recent Youtube history AUGH IT'S SO LIGHT OUTSIDE IT BUUUUUURNS

"Kingdom Come" is the only one that didn't get an introduction. Well bother, it needs none. It makes its own way in the world with its somber, eerie loveliness.

Any songs in minor keys are more likely than not to please me. Like the Enya song "Tempus Vernum," which should be nice and Halloween-y!

It is 7:11 which is cool and all but daybreak is upon us! My greatest foe! *swoons*

...It's a siggie.