I had that SM curl shampoo and for my hair it was not strong enough cleanser. I need all product out of my hair once a week bc I'm so prone to buildup. I actually found it is good for my shampoo to be slightly drying for my hair but not too harsh. My dc's do better with a clean slate. I like TJ's Tea Tree Tingle shampoo, SM purification mask and bentonite clay.
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so you shampoo, then dt?
And you like Sm purification as a deep conditioner?
I just have trouble knowing when to deep condition and when i need a little protein or a little moisture. My hair feels the same always. Unless i over did protein, but i haven't in forever.
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I only use shampoos with cocamidopropyl betaine. For me it is the magic ingredient because it is not a sulfate but is strong enough to remove even a silicone. I found the low poos without this don't work as well for me. I also found prepooing with EVOO helps offset a lot of dryness associated with clarifying. My hair hates baking soda but other people get good results so you might want to try it but definitely don't get heavy handed with it. It that doesn't work you could still use your curl and shine in between clarifying. I dc after every shampoo since I clarify to restore the moisture. But I don't use p mask to dc. I use it sometimes to prepoo.
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