I am going to say something that might be controversial but immagonnasayit.

I am not a racist person. BUT I don't have a lot of experience interacting with black people. People are people, but because I am socially aware I am sure sometimes I can overcompensate in my interactions, or unassumingly behave in away that may be construed as being racist. It is not intentional but that doesn't mean I don't do it on occasion with some individuals. I am sure it also happens when Muslim women come into my store dressed in hijab/burqa.

I have a feeling this type of behavior is what RCW is referring to.
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Do you mind saying where you live because it always surprises me when I hear people say that but I never speak up. West Virginia is known for being a "very white" state but in the larger cities I'd say they're at least 30% black. Even in most of the rural areas it's not like black ppl are scarce.

I understand a black person not having much interaction with white ppl because most white people distance themselves from "black areas." However, when a white person says this I have to wonder why it is. I don't think it always happens intentionally. I'm not saying that or assuming it of you, Nej. I was on this forum where several posters (white I just assumed) were talking about attractions in L.A. and sharing pictures. All of the people pictured were white and... I guess I'd just pictured LA as more like Cincy with Hispanics, right? I know nothing of CA but from what I've heard about LA I've always assumed it was mostly black and Hispanic and that Melrose Place and all that was fiction or that part was very isolated. I jumped in and expressed surprise at there not being any black or Hispanic people pictured. They replied (not knowing my race) that "yeah, of course there are blacks and Hispanics there but it's not like we associate with them on a daily basis." I just don't get that. Are big cities that segregated that races just don't mix? Is this a common thing?
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Yes it's pretty common.