Okay okay okay, you guys! I'm going to buy it...NOW. So, just to be clear, the best use for this treatment is as a pre poo? Like before you shampoo with any sort of shampoo or before you shampoo with a clarifying sulfate shampoo? I'm so confused, sorry lol. I'm just trying to figure out where to fit this into my routine.
I just do conditioner only styling and just add SM black soap spray or whatever it is for a dry scalp. In the bottle with the black label, from the same line as this mask to my scalp, and i baggy three times a week with gvp or tresemme naturals with honey and jojoba oil added. One of those times I'll do shea moisture enhancing smoothie with a little honey added for a little shot of protein. And i oil my scalp on those nights with grapeseed and peppermint oil. And the next morning i wash it out and shampoo with shea moisture curl enhancing shampoo. Then condition and go about my conditioner only styling routine. So, i don't really know where to fit that in at. If i add clarifying with a shampoo that has strong enough ingredients to take out the silicones and build up and such, and do that once a week, i could do that mask before i wash with that? Maybe an hour before? I'm just trying to get this down pat, sorry for the rant.

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