I can actually see where Nej is coming from too. For me, 95% of the people I have dealt with on a regular basis for my whole life have been white or Asian.

Grew up in suburban NJ. Out of 200 kids in my graduating class, 3 were black and 3 were Hispanic. My friends were all white, Indian, or Chinese.

Went to school in upstate NY. Certainly more diverse than my hometown, but in my major and in my community service group, which together comprised the majority of my friends, there was one Hispanic guy, and one black girl.

Went to work at a big science company. Still surrounded by almost entirely white and Asian people. In my core group, it was me and about 8 white guys. Switched science companies. Same thing.

My biggest interest right now? Distance running. If you ever look at the mass of runners in a marathon, you will see how overwhelmingly white a sport it is.

I meet my friends through running and work, so most of them are white.

It's not like I'm actively avoiding POC, but I've just always lived/worked in environments where they are underrepresented.

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