I've definitly never used all of these products on the same day but I think you're right. My hair seemed to be gaining more moisure and doing better and then I used the Herbal Essences product with the KCCC because people have suggested using a gel with it and my hair went crazy. On Saturday when I tried to style it there were all these loose frizzy almost crinkled hairs all of a sudden not only on the top of my head but sticking out of all my curls which is totally new to me. I stopped using the Aubrey Organics and shampooed with a sulphate shampoo yesterday just to get anything bad out of my hair. I didn't follow up with any product just GVP Conditioning balm as a rinse out and leave-in. My hair felt a little better this morning when I woke up but when I tried to wash and style with just the KCCC today I had the same effect. I have no idea what is wrong.