Earlier this year, I had a problem with not seeing posts/all posts in a thread. I followed the suggestion to refresh the page to view posts. However, I am finding even after refreshing the page multiple times, I still cannot see posts/all the posts. Posts from last week are showing up as posted today. A thread might show up as having one post, but when I go on another computer I will see the thread has more posts, or even multiple pages.

I am using internet explorer and I havenít made any changes on my computer that I can think of that could be causing this. Any suggestions?
Hair pattern:Wavy
Texture: mainly coarse hair with some medium strands
Porosity: Normal and High porosity
Re-CGed (modified) April 2011
Cowash: Suave Ocean Breeze
Rinse Out: GF's Triple conditioner
Other products: HEBE and grapeseed oil
Occasional Shampoo: Giovanni tea tree triple treat shampoo