Honestly, even with a definition more like how people use it, I don't think people of color can be racist toward white people. I think people of color can be racist toward each other, but no, not towards white people. White is held up as ideal, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a single person of color who genuinely believes being white is inferior.
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My mom's side feel white people are infrerior. They dont like my dad, and treat my sister and I different because of it. I have been asked on severl occasions if I have ever ben molested by my father because white men likes having sex with their daughters. White people are trashy, stupid, evil, should die out, incompetent, ect. Oh the things I grew up hearing about the white devil.

Back on topic: I dont hink you did anything wrong, CIBC. The man could have been having a bad day and took it out on you.
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Thelio, I wouldn't necessarily say that things like that mean an inherent belief that white people are actually inferior. I think they point to other issues (and that is horrifying behaviour regardless) but they don't necessarily indicate a feeling of "Black supremacy" equal to the phenomenon of white supremacy.
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