My best friend is Guyanese and makes curried eggs, so I started too. Basically it's a simple curry (onion, garlic, curry powder(s), turmeric), spinach, chickpeas, and cut up hard boiled eggs. She serves it with roti or bake, but I make mine plain or with a little bit of rice.

If you google it, you'd find a lot of recipes.

I also just went to a restaurant and ate poached eggs and wild mushrooms over polenta. It was amazing, but at home I usually fold fresh spinach into my polenta or grits.

There is the old standby that I love - eggs over rice. My college boyfriend started me on that

Other egg dishes that come to mind are eggs in purgatory, huevos rancheros, huevos divorciados, and eggs over pasta.

Oh, and noodle bowls!