So, i recently started conditioner only probably about a month and a half ago. Maybe just a month ago. But then, it was still very warm where i live. Now, it's officially fall and officially freezing. And my hair sensed it and started acting a fool. So I've been toying around and finally found what makes my hair happy.
I use tresemme naturals as my leave in with a little olive oil added, let it dry 75% maybe, then i add a little honey and more conditioner and scrunch it all in, air dry the rest of the way, and voila...beautiful curls!
I also baggy 3 times a week. Recently, i baggied over night and took my satin cap off before showering but left my bag on, and i turn the water on hot so it creates steam and took care of my normal stuff, and then took of the bag and my hair felt crazy soft. And moisturized. So i guess i steamed my hair? Lol. I tried it again without the bag and felt my hair before, then let it sit while the steam was around and it did create a difference. It's beneficial since I'm on a no heat challenge, i don't use heat for my deep conditioners, this is kind of like my loop hole lol. But anyways, the added olive oil to my leave in and baggying with steam has really helped my hair for the colder air. May seem small but it's really working. Maybe this will help somebody, i don't know.
And I'm really curious, but when i was hair hated olive oil. Now it's acting like it really likes it. I used a big amount too, like a dime amount of oil to my quarter amount of conditioner. I wonder why.

The pictures are of the results, still not dry though, not very good either. I'll try and include some tomorrow too, to see how it holds up overnight.
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