I started using Hair One conditioning cleanser over a week or so ago (when I made the drastic switch to leaving my hair to do it's own thing).
I have 2c hair I guess, since I've got curl and wave but it's thick and course and different layers have different issues (straight, kinky, curly).

I'm really loving it. My hair has a wonderful natural shine I've never had before and I didn't suffer through the really oily stages a lot of others have mentioned. I had a couple of evenings where my hair felt a bit too oily (comparable to if I went a day without washing). However, my head feels really clean and the tingle from the conditioner is a good replacement for the lovely bubbles I miss from shampoo.

I guess everyone has different results, but I didn't feel comfortable going rogue--it was nice to buy a product meant for something like no-poo washing and actually have it work!

Anyone else use Hair One? I don't want to spend money on something like Wen, but I wondered if there were certain products I should avoid to prevent build up. I'm using Bioterra gel but that's it styling wise. Wen has styling products, too. I wish Hair One had something comparable.