soo ive been natural my whole life...never had a perm and tried a "wash and go" only once very briefly. However I did wear my hair straight from about the age of 9 to 16 then i became more comfortable wearing my hair in its natural state without applying heat and also learned about the joys of box braids , Senegalese twists and the like. however one MAIN draw back for me has always been my un decisive hair type. I call it the fluff :/ my hair has no definite curl pattern that i can identify and is just extremely not sure if this is from my history of straightening it with a hot comb / flat iron only because my roots are wavy not coiled... for this reason no curl defining creme or gel EVER works...and unless i get my hair professionally pressed no matter the weather it fluffs right back up. HELPPP PLEASE take any product suggestions or super frustrated and in need of some natural help..:/
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